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The 3 things you need for your first dance class.

Posted by Lindsay Huitt on October 12, 2015 at 6:50 PM


Thinking about trying a dance class? Here are the 3 things you will want to have a great start.

1.  Shoes! 

If you have decided which style of dance you would like to try you will want to check out the required style of dance shoes.

Ballet slippers for ballet, Paws for lyrical or contemporary, Jazz shoes for jazz, Tap shoes for tap and athletic shoes or high top sneakers for hip hop. If you haven't made a desicion about which styles you will be taking don't worry! You can always attend the first class in bare feet and the instructor can help you with your shoe needs when you have made your choice.

Ballet Slippers

Jazz Shoes

Tap Shoes

2. Proper dance clothing!

What does that mean?!? Again, it differs by dance style but in general clothing should be light, comfy and stretchy. 

Ballet dancers need a leotard and tights. Shirts or dance shorts are optional to wear over a leotard for a more modest look. Teachers need to be able to see a dancers posture and alignment. Heavy bulky clothing can hinder a ballet dancer.

Hip Hop, this one is easy! Wear any stretchy comfy stuff including leggings, t-shirts, sweat pants, tank tops and a flannel shirt tied around the waist to complete the look.

Jazz is typically practiced in black yoga/dance pants or dance shorts with tights underneath. Tops may be light and loose with a sports bra underneath.

3. Water bottle!

Getting creative, active, and connected in class can be a little tiring at first. Bring fresh water in a plastic bottle. Drink breaks are typically given once per class.


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