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Show Day!

Posted by Lindsay Huitt on May 25, 2014 at 11:10 AM

The Oregon Ironman brought so many new experiences my way. Some of which I loved and others I can just check off my list! My first time in a Casino, my first shellac manicure, my first time intentionally dehydrating myself, my first Brazilian wax, my first professional spray tan (actually my first spray tan of any kind), first time whitening my teeth, first time I have had someone glue my swimsuit to my body, first time experiencing how our brains just don't work well without carbs (I mean seriously slow in the head!) and the first time I have ever seen my body at 7% body fat.


When we arrived at the show to check-in the night before I felt so nervous and out of place I seriously considered not checking in. Everyone was beautiful. The women were tiny and the men were huge. Some already sported their dark chocolate-y tans or fake eyelashes. We ease-dropped while waiting in line trying to scoop up any helpful information bits we could. A little over 330 people had signed up for this show, 13 of which made up my class called Bikini Open 5'2" and under. 


Somehow later that night the crazy process of having my spray tan applied by a kind and welcoming woman who used to compete, while in a cold tool shed, surrounded by 4 other naked women doing the same thing, put me at ease. I felt better walking out with my "other race" color on, covered by my black Ignite Dance Crew sweats.  I had a decent night's sleep and woke ready to get it all over with.


I rest was pretty much "hurry up and wait" until I had my turn on the stage around 2:30pm. It only lasted a few minutes. Together the 13 of us walked out and hit our first pose. The room is quiet and the lights are blinding.  I smiled as hard as I could while balancing on my wobbly high heels, contracting my abs and legs and trying to look natural. In the end I took 6th in my class. It's hard to know exactly what the judges where looking for, but I feel as though I may have had a more lean and muscle-y look than they wanted. The top 5 ladies were all different but I would guess they had just a tad more body fat. In retrospect I probably would have done well in "Figure" the next competitive group up from "Bikini". The women show more muscle and less fat typically. Above are some pics of the big day. My final weight was about 111 lbs, only 9 lbs less than the day I started training.   



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