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Dance Classes

The following is a description of all of the classes that we offer. Classes will change from session to session. For the schedule of classes please click on the Calendar.

Color Code: I am excited about the way this motivates dancers and helps them feel a sense of belonging to their class. This applies to Ballet and Jazz only. Any shade of the listed color is allowed.

Pre Dance -  Pink (Not a requirement)

Beg. Ballet or Jazz - Purple

Teen/Adult - Black

 Black bottoms for jazz - Shorts with tights, capris or pants

Ballet tights - White, pink or beige (suntan). Any color ballet slippers. 

Ballet Classes:

Pre-Dance (ages 3-4) - A great class for little ones to begin learning about ballet basics, creative movement, musicality, left and right, how to function in a group classroom style dance setting, and Yes even a performance piece! Parents are welcome to observe a class with their child. 

Ballet 1 (age 5-7) - Children will begin to learn proper form and positioning of the arms and legs. They will practice moving with musicality and counts. This class utilizes techniques from Ballet, plus fun work with scarves. 

Ballet 2 (7-10) - Dancers who have ballet experience and wish to continue their training will love Ballet 2. Students will be placed based on instructor approval. Appropriate attire consists of a leotard, tights, ballet slippers and hair pulled back.

Contemporary (9-12) (Teen/Adult) - This class combines elements of Ballet, Jazz, and hip hop dance. It is a beautiful and expressive form of dance done to contemporary music. The class consists of a warm up in the center, technique, and choreography. This class is geared toward performance. 

Jazz and More Classes: 

Musical Theater: Dance, Sing and Act! Like being in a Broadway show the students get to do it all.

Tap: Learn the classic footwork and vocabulary for making your own music with your feet! This is a great coordination and rhythm building dance style.

Beg. Jazz (ages 4-5) - A great place to start! Fun and simple dances plus basic steps and patterns get little dancers ready for Jazz 1. Leotard, tights and dance shoes are required. 

Jazz 1, 2, & 3 (ages 6+) - Students are placed according to age and ability. Jazz is a really fun and expressive style of dance. It incorporates beautiful movement, attitude, leaps, turns, and hints of contemporary dance. Students should wear leotard or fitted top and dance pants or tights and shorts. Please do not have bare legs, this doesn't work for movements done on the floor. 

Teen/Adult Jazz - A great class for technique building, styling and building endurance. Some dance experience is recommended.  


Levels 1-3: Tumbling is the equivalent of gymnastics done with out any equipment. Acro is the word we use for tumbling that is done in dancing, without mats. This class is great for students wanting to learn tricks for dancing as well as non-dancers who want to do gymnastics!

Hip Hop Classes: 

Hip Hop 1- (ages 5-7) Beginning level Hip Hop students will learn footwork, styling and choreography. Only age appropriate (aka child friendly) music will be used in class. 

Hip Hop 2 & 3- (ages 7-9 & 9-12) Learn some basic breakdance moves, arm styling, and street funk steps. This class offers dancers a challenge to strengthen their bodies and take their dancing to a new level. 

Hip Hop 4 - (ages 9-12) For our more advanced hip hop dancers who are not yet at the teen level but are ready to bump up their skills even more. Instructor approval required. 

Hip Hop Teen/Adult - A fun class full of funk! The choreography is fast and challenging but will help take you to a new level of dance! Please wear athletic shoes and comfy stretchy pants. Each week we will work on styling, footwork and learn short combinations to popular music.