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Why are there 2 prices listed below? You may choose to pay tuition on a monthly basis by cash, check or debit at the slightly higher rate or set up AUTO-PAY and receive the discounted monthly price. Please see pricing structure below.

Time in class each week         Monthly Fee            Discounted tuition w/autopay

30 min $45                   $40

45 min $51                    $45

1 hr $60 $55

          1.25hr                                      $75                          $65

                1.5 hr $85                    $75

                1.75hr                                      $90                          $80

2 hr $100                    $90 

2.25 hr $105                    $95

2.5 hr $115                     $105

3 hr $130                   $115

3.5 hr $145  $130

4 hr $155  $140

5 hr $180 $160 

6 hr $210  $190


All Fitness Classes  

  • $8 drop in
  • 10 class punch card for $55
  • 20 class punch $100
  • 30 class punch $135

Seniors save $10 on any pass or punch card! 

Privates Dance Lessons  $20 for 30min or $40/hr 

Unlimited Fitness Classes Only: (Does not include dance classes or child care).  A great way to save while getting fit! This pass gives you the freedom to attend as many classes as you want from all of the following: Bodysculpting, Zumba, PiYo, BODYSHRED, Total Body Conditioning, and Lift&Tone Barre.

$49/month without a contract.

$39/mon with a one year commitment and monthly auto-pay. 

Dance Packages 

Lots of times people ask what class their child should begin with and how many days a week they should attend. Here are the answers based on you and your child's goals. 

Where to begin:  Ballet is the best possible place to learn proper posture, control, and discipline. It would be my preference that all dancers are enrolled in a ballet class. This is not to say that it is required, we do offer beginning classes for all types of dance. Ballet is highly recommended if you would like your child to continue on with dance as they grow.

How many classes per week: 1, 2, or 3! Again you must evalute your future plans for your dancer. Some food for thought:

Once a week: This can be a good way to introduce your child to dance classes without overwhelming him/her. It is good for all children to be involved in group activites and physical fitness that is pleasurable. At home practice is strongly encouraged. 

Twice a week: When dance is "your thing" you or your child will want to take more than one type of class and practice more than once a week. If your time is limited this may be your best bet to begin pursuing dance as an important part of your life. Choose 2 types of class and begin a strong dance background.

Three times a week: For the future performer 3 or more classes a week is ideal! Take a ballet, jazz, and hip hop class. This provides the well rounded background that dancers need when they go on to join dance teams, performance groups, and dance competitions. This is a fabulous way to get in great physical condition, encourage creativity in dance, and teach your child about commitment and discipline.