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My competition goals - Week 1 Photo

Posted by Lindsay Huitt on February 7, 2014 at 10:10 AM Comments comments (1)

On Monday I made my first visit to personal trainer Lisa Ashy, at Natulis Plus in Oregon City. She has graciously agreed to coach me through contest preparation. In her office I stripped down to my sports bra and booty shorts and let her look me over. She is honest in a very kind way and helped me get a better idea of the work I need to do.

1. Building up the muscles in my Lats to create more of the hourglass shape to my body. These are the muscles in the rib area on your back. Exercise: Wide arm bent over rows with weights. 3 sets of 6-12 reps  

2. Add a little muscle to my Hamstrings to create symmetry with my quads. Think dead lifts.

3.  Get to work on my rectus abdominus and get a six pack going! Specifically adding weighted oblique exercises. I have also begun researching ideas for intense rectus abdominus work as I find my typical exercises don't make me sore. 

(My favorite line from our visit) Lisa says "At your current body fat percentage, if we can't already see a six pack it's because it isn't there." I am laughing as I type. 

4. The little bit of fat that is hanging on to my inner thighs will have to go over the next few months as I eat clean and increase my metabolism from the added muscle.

The good news is my current body fat percentage is just over 10%. So I do not have to lose weight right now or obsess over calories. I do however have to eat about 120 grams of protein everyday, continue eating clean and be better about drinking a gallon of water everyday.

I have realized posting a weekly progress picture is going to be an important tool for keeping me motivated with my eating. So here they are. I am noticing a little more definition in my upper obliques and my booty looks better this week!